August 03, 2013

2013 Code issues

That list is definitely required! I very nearly added funds to Messrs Norvic's coffers for the £2 and £1.28 MA13 code stamps which I thought I had missed. I had, in fact, got them but failed to update my catalogue.

Apologies - I must make more effort and do the ruddy thing myself. I just kinda hoped I could copy someone else's!

I still can't figure out whether these came from Tallents House though. I don't think they did but enquiries are in hand and I will update here soon.

What is still confusing me is the MA13 / M13L business. It would seem that all the DLR issues are appearing with the former format which I had thought was sort of not Royal Mail approved and would therefore have to be corrected. Looks like I was wrong there. I clearly need a whole day in the shade with a supply of coffee and a large horizontal, clean, dry and not windy, area to take a good hard look at what I have and where it should or shouldn't go.

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