July 28, 2014

The Great War 1914 Prestige Booklet

Something for everyone with the 1914 First World War prestige booklet out today. The content is naturally sombre and factual, with an effective fold old illustration across a set of pages. As well as three new Machins, there are the four nation's 1st Class stamps in what I am presuming will be a distinguishable form.

The Machins are maybe not very 'new' as each of the 10p tan, 20p green and £1 pale brown (or wood brown as they call it) with the code M14L MPIL, printed by Enschedé could be found in the Buckingham Palace book. I am wondering if they do have any differences at all!

The Regionals are definitely new, though, as recent issues have been different designs so you'll need that pane anyway. I am not sure whether Cartor are any different to Enschedé now.

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