August 01, 2014

Summer types

Two Commemorative 4 x 1st +2 format booklets have the 1st red with M14L MCIL so you ought to have one of them. You can always use the other stamps on letters.

MA12 Type 2a

MA13 Type 4

Now if you're still having trouble figuring out which type is which, here are the 2nd Class Post And Gos in Types 2a and 4 with date codes MA12 and MA13 respectively. See - it's quite obvious now isn't it? Yes, but if you're anything like me you'll need to keep checking back when you have a pile in front of you and then there's always the problem that Stanley Gibbons Concise catalogue refers to Type 4 as Type III. At least Mr Alan's 2a is their IIA but I will have to have a word and may well switch to the SG numbers for reasons I'll explain separately.

Anyway, whatever numbers you call them, they're pretty clearly different.

Now, this is neither 2a or 4 is it? Well done - this is Type 2 (or II in SG-speak). They also have MA13 and are the first we've seen with this MA13 / Type 2 combination. The Wincor machines that these come from hadn't at the time been converted to use the dual value Euro 20g / Worldwide 10g which is causing all sorts of problems. I love the dodgy careless positioning of the 60g replacements!

Type 4 no date

Type 4 MA13
This is the first appearance of the new values in Type 4 on both undated backing and MA13 backing. These are from 18 July at the York Stamp Fair.

Type 4 no date
Also from York, 18 July 2014, are these undated Flags with the three new values.

Farm Animals II Type 2 60g value
I suppose there may well be post offices somewhere worth really ancient rolls in their machines which produce odd things like this. If we knew where they were we could do well. The Pigs issue was April 2012 so to find a value not around until two years later is unusual. I am not entirely sure why I have been sent this - it could well be a mistake as I would have expected to get the Worldwide 60g too. I already have those so this is spare. 

De La Rue M14L MAIL
Lastly, something a bit more normal and cheering. the M14L date codes are coming along in modest numbers and this month sees the £1 make an appearance. It's the De La Rue sheet stamp. The recent prestige booklets have had MPIL variations but this is the first MAIL one. It's not meant to be at an angle - that's not so much a new security thing as my scanner device being very difficult to close without disturbing the layout of items on the very smooth and slippery surface below.

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