May 06, 2015

175 years on, two nice new commemorative stamps

A marvellous job by Royal Mail for the 175th anniversary of the 1d black and 2d blue being made available for postal use to the public. Several items are being promoted but the main items are the self adhesive !st black in a book of 6 from Walsall and a miniature sheet with  1st blue and 1st black se tenant in a pane of four. This is a gummed sheet.

Both have the security ovals in the perforations and pretty gigantic phosphor bands. They all have the position letters SC which was presumably chosen by some committee at some point. It would have been fun being party to that discussion! Did they just pick letters at random? Did someone's little daughter dig letters out of a couple of hats? We may never know.

I would like to have seen the 2d Blue used as a 2nd class denomination. I know that that would reverse the order of the two but it just seems right somehow. Anyway, that isn't to be.

If you do need some stamps, ask for these at your Post Office as it would be nice to see these on as much mail as can be organised.

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