March 09, 2017

New Horizon labels

I hadn't been paying much attention to the labels on most parcels that I get nowadays. In place of the gold labels the white ones have been a familiar sight now for some time. Then I noticed another, much cleaner variety, for which I have now had a couple of examples.

These are much easier to read and the label is slightly smaller, 55mm x 60mm instead of 59mm x 65mm. The 'postmark' graphic reminding us that it is a single use only label has gone and the space used for an extended address reference, now including the start of the street name and there is a new code running vertically in the bottom right corner.

Below are some examples of the various labels I have received in the older format.


The shades do seem to vary quite a lot, from an almost colourless grey through grey-green to a distinctly brown flavour. They may not have the charm of Machins but are quite interesting none the less. And they don't require me to examine my bank balance every month!