March 15, 2019

Another Prestige Book. Marvellous.

As if the issues nowadays were not a joke already, here is another laugh for collectors as Royal Mail celebrate comics, the Marvel brand in particular. For fans of this genre I have no doubt that this will be a splendid affair but that really is it. The number of the prestige books that will be sold to anyone wanting to use the stamps is probably a really low number. I have long said that we should be collecting used examples of the contents. But that, I guess, is not a simple task and would necessitate either weeks spent going through charity sacks or doing what by old friend Mr Vincent would do; take the stamped envelopes along to Kings Langley Post Office and ask the chap behind the counter to do the honours. Carefully. He called it 'tipping'.

For this issue there is the Concrete & Clay book with four 1st red stamps with the usual MCIL code but these seem to be the first with M19L codes. These we should expect to see on envelopes from time to time.

The Machin pane in the prestige book, contains 1p, 20p, £1.25 and £1.45 values. I'm not sure how useful they'll be with the forthcoming rate change!

With their M18L and MPIL codes they will need to be collected if you are trying to keep up-to-date.

That's two prestige books in two months. At £12 or so a time, I may have to start using the other contents of the books myself!

There seem to be 33 different items at the Royal Mail shop for this issue. I am beginning to wonder just what proportion of their business is now funded by collectors as opposed to people wanting to post stuff.

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