July 09, 2019

An odd Welsh 1st issue and more 19 codes

Cartor have come up with an oddity for Wales, using the old sans-serif style tablet for the denomination. Maybe the others will revert - or was this just a mistake?

Another M19L MCIL from the latest Concrete & Clay book issued recently for the D Day celebrations.

An M19L code for the 100g Special Delivery stamp.

20 p, £1 and £1.55 get M19L MAIL codes


  1. machinmaniac3:18 pm

    That's odd. You reported some of these in your previous post. The 1st, 1st large, 2nd large and £1.55, all M19L and MAIL, were in your previous report. And in the B4 rather than B5 newsletter, I think!

    1. Yes, my mistake. I have just returned from Ukraine and there were several piles of stamps which I thought must need to be shared, of which only four were, in fact, new! Thank you. I shall now remove the duplicates.