October 28, 2019

High Value 19 Codes

I say 'high value' but we have already had many Machins over £2 an £3 but you know what I mean.  These come direct from the Philatelic Bureau and I am assuming that the differences are the new code, the security printed backing and now they come from Walsall printers.


  1. Hi Andrew,I left a comment about these on one of your earlier blog posts. As far as I am aware the philatelic people only supply these in sheets & not as singles. They don't seem to care about "collectors" these days, just bulk sales & little info about each definitive issue. I was collecting Machins from the beginning and at the moment trying to finally catalogue them after 50 years heck of a job so far.

  2. Thanks for getting in touch. I missed your previous comment but I do agree that it is surprisingly difficult to find these on the Royal Mail store pages and, as you say, then apparently only available in sheets of 10. We used to get order forms sent with the Bulletin where I would expect to see individual stamps listed and available but I have to say that I do recall seeing one for some time now!
    I wish you well with the cataloguing task. I have tried to maintain a spreadsheet type file but it has been difficult of late. I may have missed a few! There is considerably more money to be made from the special issues nowadays and I suspect that income from old-fashioned collectors of postage stamps that might actually be used for postage is not significant.

  3. That should have read ...I do not recall seeing... (an order form)