March 08, 2020

Visions Of The Universe and a £1.55 pale marine turquoise

The £1.55 pale marine turquoise gets dull fluor and a slightly pale shade but is still M19L code.

The other additions arriving a little while ago were the two Machin panes in the Visions of the Universe book, marking the 200th Anniversary of the Royal Astrological Society.

On this pane there are new 1p, 2p and £1.35 stamps from Cartor with the M19L MPIL code.

On this pane there are new 5p and 10p stamps with the M19L MPIL code, each paler than the previous similar code issues in the StarWars and Queen Victoria books.

The England and Wales regionals could be new shades, the English 1st seeming somewhat deeper terracotta and the Welsh dragon looking a bit paler grey. The Northern Ireland and Scotland stamps appear to match those issued in 2018.

Prepare yourselves for some big expenditure later this month with the new postal rate issues! With each stamp now attempting to cover postage rates of £2 or more life is not cheap in the Machin collectors' world in March. So expensive that my local Post Office almost certainly will not hold any stock of them, preferring instead the pay-as-he-goes Horizon label printer and having less money tied up in stock. I did offer to purchase his entire stock of 1st and 2nd Class stamps in the knowledge that the total would be quite a modest and affordable sum.


  1. How different are the England & Wales stamps to those issued in sheets in 2018?

  2. Firstly I should have said 2018, apologies. Whilst the NI and Scottish pair do seem identical to the sheet issues, the English and Welsh stamps look a bit different to me, although it is not exactly a difference to get excited about. I've revised the text accordingly. I'll have a go at getting side by side images in the week.