February 09, 2013

2009 revisited

In an attempt to catch up after a hopeless absence of over 3 years, the next few posts will simply show you what you ought to have in your Machin collections for 2009-12, starting with 2009.

13 January 2009

The British Design Classics book has a new 16p and 50p from Cartor (not with security features as illustrated, though)

12 February 2009

The Charles Darwin book as a new DLR 5p, 10p and 48p

17 February 2009

New colours and security features (with several variations of them!)


31 March 2009

New colours and values


March 2009

Walsall printings of the 1st, 2nd, 1st Large and 2nd Large stamps with security features.

July 2009

The DLR roll 1st and 2nd NVIs

18 August 2009

The Treasures of the British Philatelic Museum & Archives (BPMA) book has the Cartor printings of the 17p, 22p and 62p as well as 20p and 1st Anniversary stamps returning!

17 September 2009

The Royal Navy Uniforms book brings us a new Cartor 1p and 90p printing. The 1p is a distinct dark maroon.

17 November 2009

Recorded / signed for labels for 1st and 1st Large.

Post and Go

Something else happened this year - people began to realise that Post and Go stamps (or Faststamps) might not be just one of those crazy things that come and go.

The first 5 values were available from machines in October 2008. They really took off in 2009, though, and, of course I missed them being tied up with far too many other much less interesting things. I ahve, finally, caught up with what's been going on and that'll be covered in the separate post they deserve - coming up next.

Acknowledgements to the excellent Robert Harris whose site has lots more technical detail and without which I would never have been able to catch up. I have nicked these images instead of photographing my own and hope all the nice things I shall be saying about his work, which I am repeating to a large extent until I get back to the current day and can recommence my own commentary, will be sufficient recognition in the meantime.


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