February 09, 2013

2010 issues

Here's what you need to know about 2010. This is almost entirely straight from Robin Harris's excellent site which has a mass of additional technical detail and that's where most of the links in this post will take you. I will start my own commentary soon - just a couple more years to go!

Post and Go

You'll be relived to know that on the Post and Go front things were a bit quieter if you are just collecting the Machin types, with a font change introduced in each of the 5 denomination prints in September 2010.

7 Jan 2010

Two Machin panes from Classic Album Covers prestige booklet
20p/54p/62p in one pane
5p/10p/22p in one pane

The 5p and 54p values have new value types (different font):

30 Mar 2010

New values and colours, including two nice additions by way of an airmail strip on the 2005 type Europe and Worldwide rate NVIs which I thought had bitten the dust along with the E stamps:

Security prints with '10' year code
Security print issues (all self-adhesive):

1st gold with 'T' and '10' (Jan 26)
1st gold with 'C' and '10' (Jun 15)
1st gold with 'S' and '10' (Jun 26)
1st gold with 'P' and '10' (May 8)
2nd light blue with 'T' and '10' (Mar 31)
2nd light blue with 'P' and '10' (May 8)
2nd light blue with 'B' and '10' (Mar 5)
2nd light blue with '10' (Mar 10)
1st Large gold with 'F' and '10' (May 8)
2nd Large light blue with 'F' and '10' (May 8)
50p grey with 'P' and '10' (May 8)
1st gold with 'P' and '10' (May 8)
1st gold with 'B' and '10' (Mar 2)
1st gold with '10' (Mar 13)
2nd light blue with 'P' and '10' (May 8)

De La Rue security print coils of 500 and 1000:
1st gold with 'R' and '10' (May 13)
2nd light blue with 'R' and '10' (May 13)

It does now look as though we collectors will be splashing out every year for new year codes on all these issues. I guess, though, that many of us would have bought each new booklet or sheet change example anyway - but there would have been some that we might have hoped wouldn't change for a few years.

April 2010

Horizon Gold labels (illustrated at same scale as other Machins on this page). Robin included these in his round-up and I'm glad he did as I had been thinking that these ought to be included in my collection. They are the ultimate Machin in a way (although I am not so sure that shouldn't be the ultimate gaudy and huge Machin!) and if they do settle down and start being used a lot I will regret not starting.

I am happy to find as many of the different codes as I can from bundles of used items someone somewhere must have at a reasonable price, if not given away, but I would like to have some crisp examples if it's possible to get them at a Post Office. So I shall trot down to Towcester tomorrow and see what they say. I also gather from the little reading I have done so far, and it has been little, thanks to this massive catch-up exercise and the flaming Post and Gos, that there are a host of varieties which will add to the fun too.

Many types exist (different letters [service], language, typeface, perf vs die cut). The Deegam Report 90 notes the following Horizon service codes:

1L 1st letter, recorded signed for
1LG 1st large letter
1PK 1st packet
2L 2nd letter, recorded signed for
2LG 2nd large letter
2PK 2nd packet
AAX Airsure
BF British Forces Post Office, international parcel
BL British Forces Post Office, letter SP Standard parcel
BLG British Forces Post Office, large letter
BPK British Forces Post Office, packet
FF Free Forces
FP Fully paid
MOR Mail Order Return
PE Global economy
PS Global valueRPR RSF fee paid on a Packetpost ™ return item
SD Special delivery
1st RSF fee paid on an article for the blind
SU Surface mail

6 May 2010

George V and Machin head

Do you consider this a Machin issue? asks Robin Harris. I think I do. Just!

8 May 2010

Souvenir sheet (all lithography by Cartor)

13 May 2010

Machin pane from Britain Alone Covers prestige booklet
5p/10p/60p in one pane

26 Oct 2010

New "Special Delivery" Machins

original prices would have been:
£5.05 (non-denominated) Special Delivery, up to 100g
£5.50 (non-denominated) Special Delivery, up to 500g

As reported first by Ian Billings of Norvic Philatelics.

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