December 24, 2006

Machins 2007

As the year grinds to an end, it is somewhat relieving to report that the December issue of Philatelic Bulletin does make mention of Machins. Twice. On 1 March we have a resurrection of the 5p. OK, it's never been away but this is centre stage stuff for the value now. The humble 5p, still in an uncertain shade of brown, lilac, purple that has forever dogged its existence, will be only the third Machin value on self-adhesive paper, in a pane of the World of Invention booklet. And for some reason it seems more important than the 42p and 68p books of 4 that were the first and second in 2002.

That it should have to share the event adjoined to the ugly fat 1st gold is a shame but there you go.

Rather prettier will be the other sheet in the booklet with 44p and 2nd Scottish stamps. Pity they didn't use the new Sctottish first but that's another story.

The other Machin mention was, of course, Mr Myall's article. I am beginning to think that the fellow is losing his marbles somewhat as he devotes most of the first paragraph to remarks about how PiP appears to have gone smoothly as judged from the queue in his local Post Office (which I suspect is a pleasant village one where people are patient and have time to chat). What he has included, though, but made little mention of, is a splendid-looking illustration that appears to accompany the blasted PiP presentation pack. I must get hold of one and try and ignore the ghastly designs of all but two of its contents.

Nice to see him make complimentary mention of both the new Smilers and the Poppy stamp in an article entitled 'Mainly Machins'. We seem to think alike there.

30 November: new Scottish 1st

That nearly slipped past me! I hadn't studied the illustrations terribly closely and had just assumed the one with the blue flag was the 2nd class we know about. Wrong. It's a new stamp, and a fine one too, with a quite different Saltire and a 1st class value. Only available in the miniature sheet with its sister the lion and a couple of long stamps which appear to me to have no purpose in life. Hope we see some more of the 1st flag, though.

14 November: 1st PiP coil

Because I dislike these stamps I shall not add any more.

NI delay

You should have got the 72p NI gravure but the other values expected on 9 November didn't appear. RM say they'll advise an issue date 'shortly'. That was a quote from the November Bulletin! No mention in December. At this rate it'll be a 75p.