February 15, 2019

Oh dear. No Machins in the Bulletin.

A couple more regular issues with the 18 code (although we are now well into 2019!) an pane stamps from the two recent prestige books.

I am beginning to think that I needn't bother about the prestige books as there is almost no chance that anyone will ever actually use the stamps from one in real postage. Indeed, it must be even rarer a likelihood than the use of the labels - and I gave up on them for that reason.

It is, though, tough to stop collecting what looks like a normal Machin stamp! So I shall carry on. the books are attractive and sometimes quite interesting, if nothing else.

On the subject of the demise of Machins, I have written before about how the Philatelic Bulletin has been featuring fewer Machins in recent years but every issue has, I think, had one lurking somewhere in its nice-smelling pages.

Take a look at February 2019's issue. Apart from part of a 1p crimson appearing is a faded illustration of stamps generally in a graphic band on page 555, there is not one Machin in the whole edition!

Oh dear.
M18L MPIL from Davinci book

M18L MAIL dull bright blue!

M18L MBIL pale head

M18L MPIL from Davinci book

pane from the Davinci book


M18L MPIL from Harry Potter book

M18L MPIL from Harry Potter book