January 28, 2016

British Stamps - vote for your favourite in 2015

A remarkable 153 stamps were released in 2015 and The philatelic Bulletin would like to find out which we preferred. Each issue is illustrated here and you can vote either by filling in a copy of the form that appears on the 3rd page or just putting your preferences in an email to bpb. readerspoll@rocketmail.com. The prize is a 2015 Royal Mail Year Book.

I suspect that Star Wars will sweep the board for sets. The individual winner is less certain. My vote is for the #59 First World War commemorative stamp. Amongst the sets, I will vote for the Machins, of course, but actually think the Bridges and Christmas issues were very well designed. Individually, the #35 Humber Bridge may do well.

I rather think that one of the Smilers, #11 especially, may come bottom of the poll, with the £1.47 Inventive Britain not exactly likely to garner many votes either.


This month's finds are not the most exciting or likely to cheer us up on a grey January day. Possibly because things were looking a bit dull on the Machin front, printers had been increasing the brightness of the fluor on stamps for some time and, whatever the reason may have been, I gather that Royal Mail requested they reduce it. So there have been a few stamps issued with what we shall call dull fluor. There, I told you this wasn't that exciting. Even the name is dull.

Here are the ones affected so far:

DLR 1st Large sheet M15L

DLR 2nd  Large sheet M15L

DLR 1st Signed For M15L

DLR £1 sheet M15L

DLR 2nd sheet M15L

DLR 2p sheet M15L

Still, looking on the bright side, these two have bright fluor.

Walsall 1st Large MA15 MBIL 

Walsall 2nd M15L  MBIL

Lastly, there is a new code whith the 2nd blue appearing in strips from rolls of 10,000 and bearing the code M15L MRIL