December 19, 2019

More 19 Code issues with fluors and stuff. And Season's Greetings. 2020 will be better.

1p M19L MAIL dull fluor

1st M19L MCIL very deep Royal Mail red

1st M19L MAIL pale Royal Mail red, pale Queen's head, very bright fluor, weak iridescent overprint
(That's enough variations, Ed.)

2nd M19L MAIL bright blue, bright fluor

£1.17 sunrise red M19L MPIL Cartor

2nd bright blue, M19L MPIL Cartor

5p deep ash pink M19L MPIL Cartor

1st Large Royal Mail red M19L MBIL

2nd Large bright blue M19L MFIL

2nd Large bright blue M19L MBIL

2nd Large M19L MAIL bright blue very bright fluor

And that's it for 2019. 

Season's Greetings and let's hope for some excitement in 2020. You almost want inflation to return or Cartor to get sacked or something.