August 08, 2006

Pictorial definitives

Although most people use this term to refer to the Regional issues, I think that it could be extended to the new small 'definitive' size issues such as the Smilers sheets and books. So I'm including items like this which appear clearly not 'commemorative' or particularly 'special' issues. If one day they do get regarded as definitives and something similar replaces the Machin series then these early items will be much sought after.

If you do wish to include them in your collection then remember that a new Smilers book was issued on 4 July with reference to PiP on the cover. Same stamps, though. Confusingly BPB refer to a 'Moments' booklet in July which made me think it was a new set but looks like that is the same booklet after all. Note that sheets of stamps will only be available via customised orders or the generic sheet from BPB. As I believe the sheets are printed by Cartor they seem to need to be included. A bit expensive at about £15 a sheet but maybe a few people could share a sheet if all you're after is some for the album.

What will be different will be 4 items from the Christmas set due on 7 October. There will be 4 definitive size items which I'll be including.

On 11 November, there will be 4 regional pictorial definitives in a Remembrance miniature sheet. Whilst I shall regard all 4 as new, the Northern Ireland item is completely new being the first gravure printing for NI.

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