June 17, 2007

Return of design as it should be!

Well, a 40th anniversary was just what we needed and a whole bunch of new items for us collectors. So nice to see the BPB stuffed full of Machins once more so fears of their early demise have faded somewhat.
The Big News, though, has to be that we're rid of those ghastly fat digit PiPs!! Hooray! And it's very rare that I type Hooray in a web log. And Good Riddance, I say! Common sense and good design prevails, eh.
I have to say that I keep thinking 39p bright pink when I see the £1 ruby illustrations, although the real thing is better. Still, a darker shade would have suited the 40th more appropriately, in my view.
I suppose a new 4p in black was a bit much to expect. Maybe in 2017 for the 50th - or will the 1st gold be brought back to life for, what would it be, the third time by then? Nice to think the design might make it to 2017 (assuming the owner of the head does).
Goodness, that's something that had never occurred to me before.

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