October 28, 2008

Christmas chaos

Although not Machins, I regard the Christmas issues as pictorial definitives - a rapidly expanding collection with items like the NI pictorial 1st pair released in the miniature sheet recently and all the 'Smilers'.

Christmas 2008 follows Christmas 2007 which I didn't get round to reporting. The offering is very similar, with the Angel theme appearing as:
2nd s-a in books, Smiler sheet and sheets and gummed in miniature sheet
1st s-a as above
50p s-a in just sheets and gummed in miniature sheet
81p s-a in just sheets, Smiler sheets and gummed in miniature sheet
The 'Large' 1st and 2nd are also available as s-a in sheets and gummed in miniature sheet

Thankfully, there's no £1.24 (2007) or £1.19 (2006) value this year.

In addition the Madonna 1st and 2nd issue will be reprinted and is effectively the same stamp as 2007 but I bet there'll be a good reason to have both years' items.

I make that 19 separate items required just for Christmas! Maybe you should stick to Machins after all! Very few Christmas issues seem to appreciate in value much (due to the huge print runs and common usage) but I just know that the ones I don't get will be the ones that do!

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