September 21, 2013

Horizons. Getting a little clearer.

I tried very hard to distinguish between the various Horizon gold labels I had, using various sites written by people with a lot better knowledge than me. You may have read the earlier post and it was a reasonable effort but I did find some of the material I was using very confusing. So I bought a pile of unsorted stuff and looked again. Here are the results, which do tie in with the erudite and the expert posts elsewhere but, perhaps, mine will be a little simpler to refer to for beginners sorting their bundles.

Well, until there are more differences discovered and the slits could well be a case in point ( I have that 1/2a feeling coming on which those who read an earlier post about self-adhesives will appreciate!)

So, here we go. My type 1 is the original with fat font and pretty obviously different.

#1 Perf Font 1 Date // No code Slit 1 DLR
 Type 2 has a thin font and a different date style.

#2 Perf Font 2 Date - -  No code Slit 1 DLR
Type 3 reverts to the // date style 
#3 Perf Font 2 Date // No code Slit 1 DLR
 Type 4 is Type 3 with a code

#4 Perf Font 2 Date / / Code Slit 1 DLR
Type 5 is an imperf version of Type 2 and one expert remarks that there are bigger gaps in the curves introduced at this time. I'm not convinced that this only applies to the imperforate ones but can't find any more anywhere about this so I won't confuse things yet. I am sure I have two different types of slits in the perforated labels. Something for another day.
#5 Imperf Font 2 Date - - No code Slit 2 DLR
Type 6 is an imperf version of Type 3 
#6 Imperf Font 2 Date / / No code Slit 2 DLR
Type 7 is an imperf version of Type 4 
#7 Imperf Font 2 Date // Code Slit 2 DLR
Type 8 is Type 7 with different slits - just down the sides 
#8 Imperf Font 2 Date // Code Slit 3 (side only) DLR
Type 9 is the Walsall print of Type 8 with a slightly different background construction and very slightly bigger gaps in some curved slits. I'm not sure the illustration below is Walsall - I will try and publish a magnified version of each of the most recent De La Rue and Walsall ones as it is not easy to tell the difference.
#9 Imperf Font 2 Date // Code Slit 4 Walsall
 Now I know that others are using different numbers and types. Once it has all settled down and one of the series becomes definitive then I will adopt that one. For now, they're just Types 1 to 9 in my list! Sorry if that is troublesome but I can't decide which to follow yet.
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