May 31, 2014

Possibly the most boring post in the world

I have to post this as it is the only reasonably accessible record of what comes in and to illustrate what I include in my catalogue. How long I can face much more of this, though, is unsure!

Undated, type 4
Undated, Type 4
Undated, Old values, Type 4 (from Jersey)

New values. Undated. Type 2. 

MA13 Type 4

Undated. Type 4
This has to be the most tedious post I have ever written! These items arrived today, being variations along the lines I had expected tp get plus a couple of oddities. One oddity is the old values in a strip using Type 4 font on Flags. That came from a Post Office in Jersey. I think they're getting their own Post And Gos. Good luck to them!

The other is a really amateur-looking Type 2 font with amended 60g values, also on Flags.

Otherwise these are just the BPMA and 85th Scottish Congress overprints on different backing with or without dates.

That's all I'm going to say.

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