February 04, 2023

X Men and a Barcode issue list

Having just written that there were no P codes for the NVIs, guess what comes along! Apparently this ghastly book was issued a couple of days ago. Oddly, mine has not arrived, although I am sure that the massive cost for the whole thing has been deducted from my card.

I do not look forward to adding this to my collection of mostly lovely Prestige Books from the Cook Book onwards. I wonder whether it could even be the last? Not the best of notes to end but we'll have tow ait and see.

So, yes, you'll have another £1 brown and a 2nd green with 22P code to add to your list.

Whilst the £1 stamp will be very similar to the other book issues, I find there is always a bit of a difference between Cartor issues.

Below is a list I have made so far of the new barcode issues which might be a useful reference. I have yet to check some printers and dates.


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