August 30, 2013

Fresh Freshwater Life emerges

Freshwater Life II Post and Gos now have three types: from the top in this illustration, Type 3 from the presentation pack, Type 2 from machines in offices up and down the country and now Type 3a which comes from machines Royal Mail installed at two regional exhibitions in Leamington Spa and York on 6 July. As these would only have been available for a limited period of a day and Freshwater Life III stamps will be used at the next outings, it looks like these will be extremely scarce indeed.

Next in a weird month comes an 87p Northern Ireland pictorial definitive in a distinctly darker shade. I should have compared it to an original 87p, I know. Only just noticed it was an 88p I used!

Next, coils of 10000 1st gold Machins were produced by Enschede for large distributors and the later ones had a MRIL MA12 code, making this the first, albeit belated, appearance of that code on the 1st gold.

The 20p has now emerged with the MA13 code as predicted.

Walsall booklets of 12 2nd blue CB code M11L MTIL with bright fluor have appeared on the scene. The booklet was the PIP cover without printer information and all previous books have had dull fluor.

Background information courtesy of Messrs B Alan & Co who are much better at this fluor stuff than I am. I must buy some gadget for viewing this. Any recommendations?

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