August 01, 2013

More wild life - some you might even actually see

Here are the Pond Life 2 Post and Gos that you are more likely to see in the real world, with Type 2 typeface from the Wincor machines.

Some pretty butterflies add to the casual nature of this distribution with the familiar 4 x 1st Machins.

Just four items in this month's envelope. The 1st red is a Code 13C with pale head and bright fluor from the Football Heroes mixed booklet pane of 4. the 2nd blue is a scarce Code 11T with bright fluor from books of 12. Then we have the 2nd Large from counter sheets (you can see how quickly they're not selling!) with Code 13 at last and the De LaRue version of the 78p Code 13 MA13.

I am so glad that I cancelled my order for minor variations in iridescent overprints and phosphor bands! As you can see from the extracts from the stock list, just nine singles would have set me back £81 and some frightening prices for booklets would have meant my daughter's driving lessons would have have had to have been put off for another few weeks and I would have had to be the one gripping the passenger seat and stamping on invisible brakes.

I do seem to have missed, though, a darker shade for the Northern Ireland 87p linen definitive. That may be because I was concentrating on Machins in my original order so I had better correct that and will feature that as soon as it arrives. Now colour shade changes are something I do look forward to and don't mind paying for.

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