March 18, 2014

Royal Mail Stamp Reproductions - worth starting a collecting now.

This was issued in 2000 to celebrate the 160th Anniversary of the 1d Black. Quite rare these days, the packs can be found at dealers and at auction but expect to pay £30 or more.

Issued 8 May 2010 and featuring the stamps that most collectors don't have in their British sets! The reproductions are marvellous.Still available at the time of writing at Royal Mail's on-line shop for £5.05!

Also still available at Royal Mail's on-line shop at the time of writing is the 15 September 2011 issue for the 170th Anniversary of the 1d red. I am not sure why such strange numbers but maybe that was the best they could find to have an issue for in 2011. A very good buy at Royal Mail still - just £5.95

The 2012 Facsimile pack had an Olympic theme and recreated the 1948 issue. I guess that was the last time the Games were held in Britain. An even stranger number, 64th Anniversary. These are not available from Royal Mail and must have sold out in 2012. Still available at dealers and auctions for around £18.

The beautiful Seahorses high value issue came out on 19 September 2013. Now this time they got the numbers right with a 100th Anniversary. This is still available at Royal Mail for an extremely modest £8.95.

Due out on 25 March is the Festival of Britain facsimile pack. Hmm.. 63rd Anniversary? This is, perhaps, not the most appealing of the packs issued so far but it's only £5.95 so worth getting for completeness and we'll wait and see what they decide to celebrate in 2015.

This was a nice stamp around in 1915. That'll do!

Seriously, though, these packs are excellent items, well-produced and featuring, so far, interesting an attractive stamps and comprise a collection that you can start now and maintain at modest cost with some reasonable hope of keeping complete too!

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