October 02, 2014

British Flora II and more overprints


You'll see that I still didn't get round to cancelling the overprints. I really did mean to and now I really must. The First Word War Centenary is a fine cause, though, and one of the overprints that I actually don't mind. Unfortunately, good cause as it may be, The National Museum of the Royal Navy joins the list of organisations getting their name on these things and that means I have two more strips to sell.

With Scotland voting on the matter of independence at the time these were issued, it looks as though Royal Mail were playing a very careful game with the insert card on their Symbolic Flowers presentation pack!

These are pretty stamps and the poppy, of course, will be particularly visible during the rest of the year. Interestingly, British Flora III is coming out in little more than a month's time on 13 November. Not only does that give Flora II quite a short production span but I see that there will be just four designs. The presentation pack features 2nd Class 2nd Large, 1st Class and 1st Large which seems reasonable enough but I suspect they'll be in machines distributing the other four denominations too.


As if The NMRN wasn't enough, PhilKorea 2014 comes on dated and undated stock so that's a third strip I don't need.

Finally, the only item likely to last in my collection - a strip of the six denominations in font type IV for the Machin Post and Gos. Without any overprint. Even that's not giving me the thrill that I used to get when new definitives arrived in tiny envelopes. I am seriously thinking about not just cancelling overprints but the whole damn lot of Post and Gos. Ever since they first appeared I believe I have had just one on an envelope delivered here, and that was from a dealer. 

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