January 29, 2015

Curiouser and curiouser

A massive number of Post And Gos would have been required this month if you have still remained a member of the 'I'd Better Collect All That Comes' group! Winter Greenery has 16 different labels and comes in at least three types. 6 new Christmas Robins, 12 new Birds II labels with the new 60g values and a whole bundle of dual values from the old but still going Wincor machines. To that add BPMA Inland Airmail getting overprinted on blue backing at regular intervals and yet another overprint 'The RMM' which will be on at least the Machins and probably more in a while. You poor people will have a hundred or so new items. You must be as devoted to these things as I am to the little definitives.

There is one in amongst all of them that I have added - the odd dual value with the old big font 2 from a Wincor machine with an MA13 date code. It stands out from all the rest of the recent issues like a very sore thumb might do. If you had several thumbs in the same place. 

Just one normal Machin makes this article. A 5p with a M14L date code from counter sheets. (The first M15L was in the Alice In Wonderland booklet featured in an earlier post)

Although not Machins, there's a new Smilers book of 12 1st Class stamps. These are a curious, and in my view curiously bad, designs intended to cover a multitude of sins or greetings. I sort of like the DAD one but, really, we could have done without these and I don't think any will be getting many votes for Stamp Of The Year 2015. There will be some more of these from Cartor (apparently that's who International Security Printers are after all. I do wish the British Philatelic Bureau would say Cartor when it is only Cartor. That's the third time I have created an extra code for a printer I don't need.) The others come from sheets and I hope to have these soon to see what is different.

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