May 25, 2018

Paler shades and more 18 codes

Quite a few to add to the collection this month (or earlier if you had spotted some of them already!)

From a Philatelic Burea distribution this week we have some Walsall reprints of a few items. All are on security backing paper, not obvious from these images. They are all also 18 codes.

Next we have some Walsall printings of more self-adhesive issues from March 2018 but showing a distinctly paler shade to before. I have included the £1.25 in both printings to make the difference clear. The head is the obvious paler element. Not all are as clear, though.

There is a 2nd Class blue from a business sheet now and a pale head on a 1st red from the Red Arrows Concrete and Clay book.


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