September 04, 2018

More 18 codes and some shades of difference

£1.25 M18L in dull green shade

1st red Walsall M18L MSIL

1st red Walsall M18L MCIL deep red

1st red Walsall M18L MAIL pale red

2nd bright blue Walsall M18L MBIL

1st red Walsall M18L MTIL

1st red Walsall M18L MBIL

1st Large red Walsall M18L MBIL
That's the last month's new discoveries. Nothing terribly exciting really and my album pages are now bulging with so many 1st reds! It is actually quite difficult to recognise the differences at first with 'pale' and 'deep' having rather too indistinguishable meanings now for my liking!

As with many others in this series, I am going along with these less obvious 'different' stamps on the basis that it can't be many years before it ends and, having lasted so long now, I simply have to carry on! Indeed, I am now beginning to wonder whether I myself will survive to the end! Now that would be annoying - so I shall have to make a special effort and lose some weight and take some exercise perhaps.

Admirable as it is in many ways, I have to report that the September 2018 issue of Philatelic Bulletin is totally devoid of anything Machin, unless you count a mention in the content of the First World War 1918 booklet issues coming up in the New Issues panel on the back page. I think this issue takes the award for Least Machin Content, previously held, I believe by an issue which had none other than a photograph of an envelope bearing a 1st red in an advertisement.

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