September 28, 2018

More 18 codes, some yellow fluor and missing security text

2p dark green M18L 8/5/18

5p ash pink M18L 9/2/18

20p light green, paler background, deeper head M18L 8/5/18

£1 wood brown, paler background, deeper head M18L 9/5/18

£1.25 holly green M18L 10/1/18

1p maroon M18L 9/5/18

1st Royal Mail deep red M18L MCIL, security print missing from head

1st Royal Mail red M18L MBIL 

1st red Litho M18L MPIL 1918 booklet

1st Large Royal Mail red M18L MFIL 

2nd Large bright blue M18L 14/2/18

These are all from Walsall. The 5p shows a yellow tinted fluor under UV light, the others mostly show a violet fluor.

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