February 09, 2013

New Great Britain Machin site and lists now published!

It's taken some long nights to get this far but, at last, the new AHI Machin Catalogue is available on-line. take a look at ahi2000.com/machin and you'll have access to lists for each of the main areas I have updated.

The £sd Machins definitives aren't there yet but I'm working on them. The only other section to be added is the small format 'Smilers' which are neither Machin nor definitive but I reckon they need to be there for some reason best known to myself.

This has been a massive task and I may have made a few mistakes along the way which I hope either I'll spot soon enough or someone out there will tell me about.

There are links to the resources that I have found particularly useful and, whether you're new to all this and just starting out on the Machin road or pretty experienced and just want a quick checklist that is easy to view on-line, then I hope you find it a helpful site and catalogue.

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