March 01, 2017

£sd issues

With the 50th Anniversary of the first Machins issued coming up on 5 June 2017 I thought I had better add the basic list of £sd values to my catalogue.

RefValueColourPhosphorPrinterPerfGumIssueSG/BPB No.
D 00.51/2dorange-brown2H15 x 14pva05/02/68723
D 01.11dlight olive2H15 x 14pva05/02/68724
D 01.21dyellowish oliveCH15 x 14pva16/09/68725
D 01.31dyellowish oliveCH15 x 14ga27/08/69725Eg
D 02.12dlake brown type i2H15 x 14pva05/02/68726
D 02.22dlake brown type ii2H15 x 14pva01/01/69727
D 02.32dlake brown type iiCH15 x 14ga27/08/69728
D 03.13dvioletCH15 x 14ga08/08/67729
D 03.23dvioletCH15 x 14pva12/03/68729Ev
D 03.33dviolet2H15 x 14pva06/04/68730
D 04.14ddeep sepia2H15 x 14ga05/06/67731
D 04.24ddeep olive brown2H15 x 14ga731Ea
D 04.34ddeep sepia2H15 x 14pva22/01/68731Ev
D 04.44ddeep olive brownCH15 x 14pva16/09/68732
D 04.54dvermillionCH15 x 14pva06/01/69733
D 04.64dvermillionCH15 x 14ga27/08/69733Eg
D 04.74dvermillionLH15 x 14pva06/01/69734
D 04.84dvermillionRH15 x 14pva01/12/69734Eb
D 05.15dRoyal blue2H15 x 14pva01/07/68735
D 05.25ddeep blue2H15 x 14pva735Ee
D 06.16dbright reddish purple2H15 x 14pva05/02/68736
D 06.26dbright magenta2H15 x 14pva736Ea
D 06.36dclaret2H15 x 14pva736Eb
D 07.17dbright emerald2H15 x 14pva01/07/68737
D 08.18dvermillion2H15 x 14pva01/07/68738
D 08.28dlight turquoise2H15 x 14pva06/01/69739
D 09.19dmyrtle green2H15 x 14ga08/08/67740
D 09.29dmyrtle green2H15 x 14pva29/11/68740Ev
D 1010ddrab2H15 x 14pva01/07/68741
D 12.11/-light bluish violet2H15 x 14ga05/06/67742
D 12.21/-pale bluish violet2H15 x 14ga742Ea
D 12.31/-pale bluish violet2H15 x 14pva26/04/68742Ev
D 18.11/6dgreenish blue and deep blue2H15 x 14ga08/08/67743
D 18.21/6ddeep blue2H15 x 14ga743a
D 18.31/6dgreenish blue and deep blue2H15 x 14pva28/08/68743Ev
D 18.41/6dPrussian blue and indigo2H15 x 14pva743Evb
D 18.51/6dPrussian blue and indigoPCPH16 x 14pva743c
D 21.11/9ddull orange and black2H15 x 14ga05/06/67744
D 21.21/9dbright orange and black2H15 x 14ga744Ea
D 21.31/9dbright orange and black2H15 x 14pva16/11/70744Ev

Now I need to check that I do actually have them all! It was a long time ago when I put these in their album.

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