March 01, 2017

New backing paper print and the first 17 codes appear

A second type of backing paper print - much bolder and alternating alignment and size of text. This is the first type ii issued found for business sheet stamps M16L MBIL code by Walsall.

Business sheets without any backing paper print have come to light for some M16L MBIL issues from Walsall. So yet another entry in the 2nd list!

The first M17L code appears on the De La Rue counter sheet stamp with no backing paper print.

The decimal pane in the Windsor Castle prestige book has two new Machins: 1st red M16L MPIL by Cartor and 2p MPIL MPIL by Cartor

In addition, the £1.05 gooseberry and 10p tan are repeated from the Beatrix Potter book, with the same codes too but maybe a slightly darker shade this time.

The last new entry for February was the second 17 code with the 1st red M17L MCIL in the pane of four with type i backing paper.

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