March 29, 2013

Dr Who and a few more Machin discoveries

So here are the four Walsall litho printed (despite what Royal Mail say about gravure, according to B Alan) Machins from the Dr Who prestige book. As I said in my last post, the 87p value does seem unfortunate but then the chances of anyone ever getting a genuinely used one of these was pretty remote anyway! 

The 1st Tardis has made a number of appearances: as part of the prestige book pane of Machins, where it appears gummed, in the prestige book version of the miniature sheet with four aliens, in the miniature sheet issued separately , in a booklet of 4 with two featuring Doctors and in a Smiler sheet attached to labels of various aliens over the years. All these others are self-adhesive. The Smiler sheet version is illustrated above, although I am sure all will be slightly different.

The MA13 codes are appearing now and have been seen on 2nd Class Walsall from Books of 12 so bearing a T code too. There have also been the new 1st red with a 13 code - more about them when I get them.

It will be interesting to see how scarce some codes will be. I suppose a value printed or reprinted just before a rate change would be a candidate as there will just be the single run of that one. Stocks running low near the end of a year in which a not particularly popular stamp hasn't been reprinted (e.g a MA11 code still in use at the end of 2012 and  having to be reprinted in December 2012) and a small run is made.

A 1st Large Diamond Jubilee 2B, inset left band. This cost £17.50 so I'm hoping it proves scarce!

Another expensive addition - A 1st Diamond Jubilee "B with bright fluor and iridescence short at the bottom. £9.00.

Another 1st Diamond Jubilee from the Classic Locomotives / Machin book of 6 with iridescence short at the top. £5.00

Still MA12 but code T from a book of 12 showing short phosphor bands at the bottom. £11.00.

Wide blue band on London Underground 1st commemoratives. £8.50.

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