March 01, 2013

No peace for the poor Machin collector

Just as I thought was safe to go in.. the Freshwater Post an Gos, amongst other pieces arrive in another fat packet this morning!

Here are the latest additions:
1st grey-blue 2B Code T Short bands at bottom and iridescence short at bottom

1st grey-blue 2B Code S dull fluor in phosphor

20p bright green 2B No overprint,  short phosphor bands at top. Scarce from 24/1/12 printing

Walsall 1st Large red 2B Code 12+B - phosphor as it should be - others have had short bands (normal being actually rare so far!)

Walsall 1st red 2B 12+C inset left phosphor band, short iridescence at top

Walsall 1st red 2B 12+C short phosphor bands at top

15p deep bright blue from 1989 New shade

1st grey blue 2B Code S + pane dull fluor in phosphor
Delighted that the postman got me to sign for a neighbour's envelope with a nicely used 1st Large Signed For stamp!

 Post and Gos

Post and Go Machin 6 values with font type 3a  and inset right bands

Post and Go Wordwide 40g font type 2 short bands at bottom

Post and Go 2nd CB and 2nd Large CB font type 3a

Post and Go Pond Life I font type 3

Post and Go 2nd  and 2nd Large CB font type 3

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