April 04, 2014

All change. Like a stamp, really.

Oh boy. Look at what is now being issued.

It seems that there are some new NCR machines have been installed - the first was actually in Harpenden, Hertfordshire, not far away from me at all! This is what they are producing after rather a lot of screen touches, I am reliably informed. The stamps have what is termed Open Value so are similar to the gold Horizon labels and have a letter to specify the service and the post cost is displayed. 

Example showing the old rates will be in short supply so I would recommend getting those wherever you can from a decent dealer. The machines have only been operational in a few places since the beginning of March so the old rates were applicable for just a few weeks at most.

From here, you need to consider just what to collect. My first thoughts on these would be that I will need one from each type of service. Maybe I should rephrase that; I would like one from each type (as I have no idea how many there will be or how easy some would be to obtain). A standing order would, I presume, be one of the standard rate items for each 'issue'. Some will want them on each design within an issue too. Not me.

I still have a lot to learn about these. For instance, I have seen examples where the destination post code is printed on the label. I guess this is a choice at a screen where you can either print to use there and then or perhaps use on whatever you like later, like a NVI but, of course, with value indicated. Like a stamp, really.

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