April 04, 2014

Over 60g. Over 60 new items you'll need in your Post And Go collection! Oh dear.

Europe up to 60g and Worldwide up to 60g rates were included in the postal rate changes announced recently so that means there'll be some new labels! Quite a few, in fact. Oh dear.

The good people at Norphil.co.uk think they may be supplying them on each of the following:

Flags Birds 4
and maybe some Freshwater Life.

The MA13 Robins, MA13 Flags, MA13 and undated Machins are pretty much the normal ones too.

I hesitate to add them up but those who like to get every combination possible have one hell of task (and bill) ahead of them. Two new denominations for each of the six pictorials. That's twelve for each of the four series they reckon they'll be found on. Forty eight. Add two each for Flags, Flags MA13, Robins, Machin and Machin MA13 is another ten. Fifty eight so far.

And who knows what else will emerge by way of even older rolls, fonts, overprints. Oh Heavens, I forgot the overprints!

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