April 10, 2014

I shall just have to start writing to myself

These are a couple of items from the new NCR range that I have obtained. The others I have are 2LG (69p), 1LG (90p), A Letter (under 10g 88p) A Letter (between 10g and20g £1.28) and A Letter (over 20g £1.88) which may or may not be complete as I am getting confused. Yes, Europe up to 20g seems to be missing. (If anyone can help with that, at the old rate, do let me know). These are all at the old rates so I suppose I now have to get another set at the new rates. That set will also be different in that some weight points were merged.

What I don't know, and hope someone will advise, is whether there will be also versions of these with other denominations - as for the Horizon labels which could result in a huge range of possible different prices being shown. At that point I wouldn't try and get any more than a basic range and anything else that appears in the post of bundles I get from time to time is nice but not essential.

Collecting British stamps has never been simple but now I feel we are going through a distinctly odd period when I think several variations of these labels will appear before finally. in time, a standard is settled upon. Some of these may well prove to be extremely short-lived and, not being available or even promoted by many people at all, will for many be items you'll kick yourself for having missed as prices for one or two of them soar.

I really can't imagine that there will many old rate examples used on mail at all. They're the things to look out for. Even current rates of normal Post And Go issues, never mind these, are scarce unless you happen to have a lot of customers living near towns with machines. Actually, now I think about it, I'm lucky to get any stamp nowadays!

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